Saima Thompson - Client

“Lizzie is the definition of coach and mentor, I used her services in 2017 as I lacked confidence with workout routines and using gym equipment. Lizzie gave me the tools I need to feel my best when exercising. Patient, professional and engaging I enjoyed the sessions and have gained confidence skills for life. This year I called on Lizzie again in a totally different scenario, I had been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, I had lost muscle mass and fitness levels during treatment. Lizzie suggested a mixture of boxing, strength and cardio exercise to help me get back to fit state and give my body the best chance to fight disease. Lizzie also provided me with a referral service for psychological support with Senior Psychological Therapist Paul Kirsten I am now stronger and happier in my physical and mental being, forever grateful and highly recommend to anybody looking for support in fitness and well-being”.

Saima Thompson
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