Adrian Dunn - Client

“I’m in my 60s and, after recovering from an illness that limited my mobility, I needed to gain strength, restore my balance and reduce my blood pressure. I have always found gyms daunting, so I decided to try out a personal trainer and contacted Lizzie via my local gym. Lizzie was highly professional from the first session  - asking for medical details and checking out my fitness level before moving on to exercises. Lizzie is adept at making people who lack confidence feel relaxed and enabling them to enjoy the sessions in the gym. With her help I have regained strength, reduced my blood pressure by (10mmHg) and feel much more healthy. An added bonus is a significant drop in weight, 1 stone and a quarter. I started with Lizzie in November 2018’’.

’’ Lizzie is an ideal coach for those people who lack confidence with gym equipment and workout sessions’’.