Running Coaching


Whatever your training goals I deliver running coaching for all levels and abilities.

Beginners. 5km, 10km. Half, Marathon. Triathlon, Cross Training.

Injury Rehabilitation Programmes. Coaching & Training Plans.

Personalised tailored programmes to suit your level and ability.

  • Highly experienced coaching expertise.

  • Motivation to get you started and keep going.

  • Holistic guidance around health, Injury reduction & well-being.

  • Polar Flow, Polar Beat, Strava & Apple for heart rate, GPS tracking & monitoring.

At various locations throughout London I provide tailored support to ensure my clients get the best guidance and coaching to maximise performance. This means In depth analysis and personalised running programmes whatever your distance.

In addition I advise clients on a breadth of queries such as shoe wear, heart rate monitors, I.e. what to buy and how to use. Video analysis, race preparation and recovery strategies. This includes rehabilitation, Injury reduction guidance and programmes for clients for a graded return to running.