Ching Leong - Client

“I started Olympic weightlifting training with Lizzie a few months ago. Being a complete novice to the sport, Lizzie has been helping me build technical competency by breaking down each exercise Into small component parts so that I can gain familiarity, being fastidious In ensuring that I was doing each exercise correctly and regularly providing explanation to help me understand the physiology of the sport so that I can improve.

She has meticulously charted my progress with bouts of encouragement and ‘tough love’ - giving me confidence to know I can lift and will not shrink from challenging me If she felt I was ready to move to the next level. I have no doubt that I will make consistent and achievable progress In the sport under the guidance of Lizzie and I look forward to learning more from her.”

— Ching Leong (Age 50yrs) - Client

Lizzie Fluke