Pre & Postnatal Exercise

  • Personalised programmes tailored to your needs.

  • Guidance and care to help you get active or keep going.

  • Confidence building and achievable goal setting.

  • Technique support delivered by a highly experienced and expert coach.

  • Holistic health and wellness support pre and post pregnancy.

  • The right amount of activity and Intensity Is used for each Individual depending on the following physical levels: Very low, low, moderate and high.

This Is for all women. Firstly for those who are unsure of what to do, when and how much. I provide clear and concise guidance, personalised exercise plans and coaching. Exercising Is very important for you and your baby's health. Using the very latest resources I adhere to UK Chief Medical Officers recommendations.

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If you are not active start gradually, If you are active keep going. Here are some resources below, I hope will start you and your baby's exercise journey. It's important to get back exercising, stabilising and strengthening the pelvic, hip and back complex due to child birth.

Early Years

After your baby Is born, It's important to follow a series of exercises to strengthen these muscles. This will help to prevent backache, promote correct posture and help you regain your figure more quickly.

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Circulation and breathing will also benefit. Pelvic floor and deep core muscle exercises are vital and you should try to do them every day to encourage the muscle fibres to function normally again.

Time Heals

This may take a long time and the length of time will be different for each Individual.

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However over time your body will adapt and you can get back to your previous level, or go to a completely new level better than before.