Personal Training

  • I provide bespoke support to clients across a diverse range of age groups and abilities. Whether you are new to exercise, wishing to Increase your physical activity levels, or aiming to Improve your fitness and physique. My approach Is to reduce fear, Increase confidence, and empower clients to reach their goals.

  • This Includes fitness assessments to establish your baselines, conversations around your goals and priorities. Such as measuring heart rate and other parameters using tailored health tests.

  • Programs are personalized with Target Heart Rate Zone training to get the best results. Personalised bespoke programmes that achieve your goals. Holistic fitness and lifestyle support to ensure results that last. Technique and guidance delivered by a highly experienced and expert coach.

  • The right amount of volume and Intensity Is used for each Individual depending on the following physical levels: low, moderate and high. Easy weekly monitoring and tracking to check your progress.