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  • Olympic Weightlifting and Feinty Fitness are bookable only. You must register to attend 1 hour before the sessions start. Upon registering you will be required to complete a short Health PARQ. Once you have registered this will not be required again. To attend sessions you must book in each time. Feinty Fitness and Olympic Weightlifting are not drop in classes. These sessions are open to Non-Members and Members.

  • If you are a non-member click on the schedule to book and pay for a single class or go to the membership section for class packs

  • If you are a member of Dulwich College Sports Club, please buy a membership at £0.00 or click on the link in your welcome email. This will apply the reduction of £12.00 per class when you go back to the schedule to buy a class or membership class pack.

  • To purchase class packs go to memberships.